We take your pleasure seriously

It is our vision to take skiing into the digital future. In other words: to put you, the individual skier, into the center of ski building. After all, in times of personal training schedules and individual fit analyses the ski industry’s big players are not keeping up – more than 1,400 “stock“ ski models in an over-crowded market are simply overwhelming.

We choose customization over large assortment by building a pair of skis that’s custom fitted to you – in ski width, ski length,ski stiffness, binding setup, and ski tuning. With your help and supported by our digital ski configurator ORIGO.

The result: custom skis as individual as you are.

Siegfried Rumpfhuber von ORIGINAL+

“The product ski is basically maxed out, unless you customize it.”

Siegfried Rumpfhuber, ORIGINAL+ founder


stands for “in its own way, creative“.


stands for the positive, your advantage and a “plus“ of individuality.


No Ski ever fit better.

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