Pleasure meant seriously.

Just like you, we take our ski days seriously. The thrill of a perfect carved turn, a surprise powder day, or skiing with friends and family is why we exist. It’s why we build skis. But why not take it one step further and make skis custom built for the individual, each skier’s ideas and preferences in skiing. Why not make skis for a skier’s own version of the perfect day on snow.

To help each customer achieve the pure joy of their own perfect day on snow, we set out to do something different. Different than the 1,400 “stock” ski models already in existence. Different than the classic sales structures. Without the dependence on others or reliance on what has always been. We challenge the ski industry and question the status quo.

The result is a ski, co-designed by you, made for you and your unique style. Manufactured in the highest quality in Austria, ORIGINAL + skis are completely  individualized and unbeatable in value.


With Original +, you help design your own skis to perfectly suit your individual skiing style, ability, and prefered snow conditions through our ORIGO platform. A custom ski design software based on Artificial Intelligence, ORIGO merges your unique biometric information with a massive database of ski geometries and construction to find the perfect match for you. The result, a ski that will help you have more fun on snow. These are custom skis crafted with the help of Artificial Intelligence sold direct-to-consumer without middlemen. From the piste, to product development, to production, to your feet, each ski is built with each individual skier’s best day in mind.

    "Who consistently puts the actual user at the center, finds its niche even in difficult industries." 
  Siegfried Rumpfhuber


ORIGINAL stands for "in its own way, creatively".
PLUS stands for the positive, your advantage and a "+" of individuality.

ORIGINAL + SKI harken back to the origins of skiing, to the time where pleasure and passion were primary motivators. Your new skis from ORIGINAL + will thrill you, challenge you and do exactly what you expect them to do.