The ORIGINAL+ team

Siegfried Rumpfhuber, CEO and Owner Original +

Founder & CEO

Siegfried Rumpfhuber

Passionate skier, explorer, and family man
Siegfried is a former ski racer, state-certified ski instructor and guide, alpinist, and profound expert of the industry. After completing his studies in Economics in Innsbruck and Grenoble in 2002, he worked as a Product Manager at Fischer Sports. In 2007 he moved to Kästle Ski, where he was responsible for the successful relaunch of the brand in his role as CEO and co-owner. In 2014, he founded Exolite, his first own company, and since then he has been advising clients in the outdoor, winter sports and cycling industries on strategic marketing and product development. In addition, he works as a lecturer for the Design & Product Management Master Program at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.

"Honor the process, do good work daily, weekly, annually and over a lifetime. And the results will come."

Finance & controlling

Christina Mittermayr

Pulling the strings in the background
Christina is responsible for figures and structure at ORIGINAL+. How does she cope with a group of strategists, technicians, and craftsmen that are all passionate about skiing? With huge determination, team orientation and a sense of responsibility. Christina and Siegfried Rumpfhuber have been a perfectly balanced team since day one; just like in the old times at Kästle where they had previously worked together, Christina has been an integral part of setting up the new ski company. The economics graduate spends her time off with family in the mountains – skiing, ski touring or hiking.

“Whoever just dreams of happiness, runs the risk of oversleeping.”

Apprentice ski construction technology

Marlene Lenz

The versatile joiner at ORIGINAL+
For Marlene wood as a construction material and modern working techniques such as CAD are no new territory. With her education in interior design & furniture construction (HTL) she is a highly qualified ski construction technology apprentice. However, she’s not part of the ORIGINAL+ team just because of her qualifications, Marlene also has some notable professional experience: in the past years she worked as a cable car operations manager (summer & winter) and before that she taught countless children of all ages how to ski and snowboard. Already a skier at the tender age of two and a half, the Styrian feels right at home in the mountains, and today she spends most of her time off (off-piste) skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and wakeboarding.

"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got."

Henry Ford

Sales, distribution & customer service

Bernd Reisenauer

The musically gifted mountain guy at ORIGINAL+
Bernd has been playing in the mountains for as long as he can remember – preferably with skis on his feet, and in the backcountry. In his teenage years the Upper Austrian turned his passion into a profession, working as a full-time ski instructor (“Landesskilehrer”) at a ski school in Gosau, Austria, for five years. When there’s no snow, he’s still drawn to the mountains to go climbing, hiking, mountain biking, etc. In addition to his part-time studies in sports & event management at the Private University of Schloss Seeburg, Bernd is responsible for sales, distribution, and customer service at ORIGINAL+. So he’s the first point of contact for our customers. Being a trumpeter, guitarist, and drummer, he also always takes care of the right (background) music.

"Mountains are silent masters and make tight-lipped students"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ski construction & production

Milan Arsenic

The “newcomer“ at ORIGINAL+
Having had nothing to do with skiing for most of his life, Milan is the most “exotic“ member of our team. Luckily, we could convince him that it’s never too late to try and love the most beautiful sport in the world. Now the qualified massage therapist, restaurant specialist and cook has found his place in what is likely to be the most “exquisite cuisine” in the ski industry, where he helps create skis of the highest quality with high-end raw materials and first-class recipes and then takes care of the finishing touches. In his private life, Milan enjoys reading and practices martial arts as well as wood firing.

"Wise is not he who does not make mistakes. Wise is he who knows how to correct them."

Vladimir Ilyitsch Lenin

Digital marketing

Philipp Reisinger

The digital native at ORIGINAL+
When it comes to 'digital solutions', Phil is hard to beat. As a true digital native, he not only has a bachelor's degree in information technology & system management, but also a few years of relevant professional experience in a young, up-and-coming agency for digital marketing. At ORIGINAL+, Phil is the man for everything digital and, among other things, responsible for our website, social media channels, and content creation. In the analog world, you’ll meet Phil bouldering, skiing, cycling, hiking, and riding his moped – he‘s so into it that he has even founded a moped club.

"Ride slow, die whenever."

Apprentice ski construction technology

Mateo Philippi Beceiro

The mountain enthusiast at ORIGINAL+
From an early age, Mateo was often out and about in the mountains. Not in the Alps, though, but in the Pyrenees, because Mateo grew up in Catalonia. However, you can hardly tell he is a real Spaniard – he obviously paid attention at the German school in Barcelona. What he particularly likes about Austria? The mountains, of course! Mateo is a nature lover and enthusiastic mountaineer: climbing, hiking, and (freeride) skiing are among his favorite pastimes – becoming a ski construction technology apprentice at ORIGINAL+ was thus a logical step. In addition to sports, he’s also fond of music and especially playing the piano.

"Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value."

Albert Einstein


Tamara Kornberger

The creative all-rounder at ORIGINAL+
Tamara was practically born with a passion for skiing. Growing up in a ski school family – amidst ski racers and coaches – she’s a perfect fit for ORIGINAL+, where everything revolves around the "holy planks" 365 days a year. Being responsible for marketing she takes care of the brand’s look and feel. With her degree in sports, culture & event management from the FH Kufstein and a good number of years working in culture marketing, her know-how and experience are invaluable to the team. What Tamara particularly loves about skiing is that it always makes her feel good, regardless of whether she’s out with family or friends or just making some turns on her own. In her life away from the snow, Tamara is passionate about cooking and traveling.

"Nothing is worth more than laughter."

Frieda Kahlo

ORIGINAL+ first trainee

Daniel Fischer

Nature lover, ski instructor and student
If you don’t encounter Daniel in the ORIGINAL+ workshop, he’s likely to be out in the mountains – possibly running an O+ ski test. Being a passionate outdoor guy and alpinist, he tries to spend as much time as possible outside – hiking, paragliding and, of course, freeriding. Skiing has always played an important role in his life. As a certified ski instructor (Landesskilehrer), the Upper Austrian has been teaching kids and adults how to ski since his high school days. Daniel studies Sports Science at the University of Salzburg and has been part of the ORIGINAL+ production team since fall 2019.

"Nothing is impossible. Where there's a will, there's a way!"