Custom skis as individual as you are

Custom skis instead of mass market.

From the beginning you help design your own skis by providing essential information about your individual skiing style, preferences and skiing ability. You’re in control of the ski’s development without having to be an expert. Powered by artificial intelligence, our digital ski configurator ORIGO will guide you through the process.

This is how we manufacture state-of-the-art custom skis that take you and your pleasure seriously.

Get your perfect custom ski with our ski configurator ORIGO

Our proprietary ski configurator ORIGO helps you find out what your individual ski needs to look like. In short: Which type of ski, which length, and which construction perfectly matches your needs.

How ORIGO works

ORIGO delivers the “recipe” for your custom ski.

ORIGO is able to process huge amounts of data – biometrical, ski geometrical and riding style related data – and to configure individual skis based on that information. Some details about yourself, your skiing preferences and riding style is all it needs. ORIGO takes care of the rest and renders your personal ski configuration at the push of a button. We then build that ski at our own ORIGINAL+ production facility – uniquely and exclusively for you!

How to get to ORIGO?

Here, on our website, of course:

In addition, ORIGO also comes into play at our Competence Partners and in our Factory Store in Salzburg, as part of a personal advice session. We’re happy to talk to you in person – book your personal consultation right here.


ORIGO, the digitale ski configurator at ORIGINAL+

This is why you’re well advised by ORIGO

  • ORIGO is scientifically grounded: The underlying expert model conforms to the current stage of research and is constantly being further developed by our team of sports scientists, ski instructors and technicians.
  • ORIGO is accurate: ORIGO is backed up by data and delivers product recommendations that are right on target and more accurate than an average instore sales talk.
  • ORIGO is experienced: Thousands of data sets from our ski tests and ski sales feed the software; ORIGO is thus very experienced in finding the right skis.
  • ORIGO is intelligent: ORIGO was developed and programmed by external artificial intelligence specialists.

  • ORIGO is self-learning: The findings of each and every ski tested or sold automatically find their way into the software, enabling it to continually optimize its accuracy of advice.

  • ORIGO is neutral: ORIGO does not have to sell skis that are already in stock, because your ORIGINAL+ ski will only be built once your individual configuration is set. This makes ORIGO completely independent and neutral in terms of purchasing advice.

Besides, ORIGO has good genes: it was invented by ORIGINAL+ founder Siegfried Rumpfhuber, whose expertise is based on thousands of hours of experience in skiing and doing business in the skiing industry. Read the full story here.

This is how we make your ORIGINAL+ skis personal

Your ORIGINAL+ custom skis are fully adapted to your build, skiing style, and technique – in ski width, ski length, ski stiffness, binding setup and ski tuning– optimizing the interaction between you and your skis. The result: you will ski better, safer and with more fun.

How a ski behaves on snow strongly depends on the material of its core. At ORIGINAL+ we only use high quality wood cores, made from the following types of woods: ash, poplar, ash/poplar mix, and balsa. The materials around the core fine-tune the ski’s performance.

We build all our skis in the so-called sandwich technology; that means different layers of wood, carbon, glass fiber, aluminum, plastics and steel are layered on top of each other and heat-pressed in a mold. That way we can build up to 1,800 different construction variants.

What is being customized?

In a first step, ORIGO selects your optimal ski length and ski width from a range of basic ORIGINAL+ models. We then build your ski layer by layer, customizing the following parameters according to your personal ORIGO configuration: longitudinal flex, torsional stiffness, damping properties, weight, and tuning.


The longitudinal flex

longitudinal flex ORIGINAL+ ski

of your ski, i.e. how well the ski bends under pressure, is determined by:

  • the wood core’s shape and the type of wood used
  • different laminates made of titanal, glass fiber, carbon or flax.

Stability is key for you? Then we will build a rather stiff ski for you. A stiffer flex makes your ski stable and chatter-free but at the same time harder to turn. However, if you want your ski to be agile and easy to turn, we will make it softer.

The torsional stiffness

Torsion ORIGINAL+ Ski

of your ski is determined by:

  • different strengths of titanal laminates
  • different strengths and structures of the glass fiber, carbon or flax laminates.

Edge grip is really important to you? Then we will build a torsionally stiff ski for you. That means your ski will hardly (or not at all) twist about the longitudinal axis, giving you more effective edge and maximum hold. If you’re looking for a forgiving ski, we’ll make it torsionally softer to prevent the ski from hooking in and hanging on at the end.

The damping properties

dampening characteristics ORIGINAL+ ski

of your ski are determined by:

  • different types of wood
  • different strengths of titanal laminates
  • utilization of vibration absorbing rubber.

The more stable you expect your ski to run and the less you want it to react to hits and bumps, the stronger the ski’s damping will be. But if you’re looking for a lively ski, we’ll keep the damping lower.

The weight

weight ORIGINAL+ ski

of your ski is a result of the particular individual ski construction; it depends on the ski‘s intended use. Due to our manufacturing process generally all our skis are slightly lighter than comparable models on the market.

The tuning

Tuning ORIGINAL+ Ski

of your ski will be adapted to the specific snow and piste conditions in your defined skiing region.

As a general rule: the more acute the edge bevel, the more aggressively the ski reacts and the sharper the edge. The less beveled the edge, the less aggressive the ski’s reaction.

Structure and grinding of the base also have an influence on the ski‘s running and turning properties.

Your binding

of choice will be mounted at your preferred mounting point once your ski is built.