Experience ORIGINAL+ first-hand in Japan.

Experience ORIGINAL+ on snow

Keen to find out how it feels to ski a pair of skis that’s custom-fitted to you – in ski width, ski length, ski stiffness, binding setup and ski tuning? A ski that lets you tap your full potential and ski your best?

Experience our custom skis first-hand on February 13th to 22nd, 2021 and register for your ORIGINAL+ ski trip to Japan in cooperation with Furtenbach Adventures.

Some basic information about yourself, your skiing preferences and style is all we need – and your matching model will be ready to hit the powder in Japan.

ORIGINAL+ demo skis 2020-2021


These basic models are available in various configurations for the ski trip to Japan:

  • ORIGINAL+ mod.9: the well-rounded freeride ski with a 99mm waist width for off-piste use.

Experience the difference – on snow and by talking to our experts on-site.

See you soon in Japan.



Freeride Ski ORIGINAL+ (c) Armin Rauthner

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