The ORIGINAL+ experience

individual & flexible testing

01.05.2019- 31.12.2019

Individual Test ORIGINAL+

O+ Factory Store Salzburg

The ORIGINAL+ experience

Have you ever skied your alter ego?
You've heard of ORIGINAL+.
You've read about ORIGINAL+.
Now get ready to put these skis into action.

It's about time for your very own ORIGINAL+ experience!

For all highly motivated skiers who still go on glaciers and/or seek the far to ski in summer, we are happy to offer test skis. 

Register for "Individual Testing" and you are free to demo our skis whenever and whereever you want.*
Testskis fitting your wants and needs can be picked up at O+ Factory Store in Salzburg (Siezenheimer Str. 41)
*subject to availability


Demo Skis 2019

PISTE, PISTE+ and ALLMOUNTAIN are our fields of play for this season. 
At ORIGINAL+, we've named them Mod.6S, Mod.7 and Mod.8.
This gives a hint about the skis' waist:
66mm for your Piste skis, 77mm for your Piste+ skis and 88mm for your Allmountain skis.
Always featuring functional customization towards your skill set and skiing spirit.

At ORIGINAL+ demo days, all models are ready to be explored - and discussed.


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