Ski tuning at ORIGINAL+: precise and customized

If you take skiing seriously, you need really good gear: skis, bindings and ski boots that fit you well, are adapted to you and in perfect shape. At ORIGINAL+ we want your “skiing package” to be nothing but awesome. That’s why we don’t stop at building custom skis that are 100 % made for you. We also give your skis a completely customized finish that suits your personal needs.

The Salzburg-based Ski Service Center Kante Scharf has been offering high-end repairs, tuning, and service for alpine skis since 2016. In order to provide an even more holistic experience, Kante Scharf has now officially become part of ORIGINAL+: your one-stop ski shop. Our new ORIGINAL+ Service Center delivers unique custom ski tuning and ski repairs. No matter where you got your planks from – we will squeeze the best out of your gear.

Welcome to Salzburg’s best ski tuning.


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Custom ski tuning – we give your skis what they need

Before we put our hands to the task, we first want to know more about yourself, your skiing style, you preferences, and your skis. Then we define what your skis need in terms of tuning and finishing touches. We are convinced that outstanding ski tuning has to be as individual as you are.

How we tune your skis depends on where you will take them most of the time. That’s because snow and weather conditions vary largely from region to region and are often very location-specific. We will make sure that your skis’ edges and base structure always match your particular “surface”.

We tune, service and repair no more than what your skis really need. That means no unnecessary costs, plus full transparency. The result? A perfect tune that you will notice on snow, whether you’re a recreational skier or a pro.

Special tuning requests? Done

You have specific preferences regarding edge bevels, a particular base structure or the mounting point of your binding? Easy. We will accommodate your personal tuning requests 100 % – performance-oriented, customized, and with precision.

“Lots of skiers underestimate how important it is to tune your skis professionally and on a regular basis, for both fun and safety on the hill. Dull, worn edges and a dry base make even the most high-end skis useless. Only perfectly tuned skis guarantee full grip, easy turning and good gliding.”

Siegfried Rumpfhuber

We welcome all skis

Whatever planks you turn in, we will take extra good care of them, regardless of the brand. We offer repair, tuning, and ski service for all:

  • Alpine skis
  • Touring skis
  • Race skis (our passion)

What to expect at the ORIGINAL+ Service Center

When you bring in your skis to the ORIGINAL+ Service Center we first check their condition to see what is needed to get them performing to the best of their ability again. Depending on the findings your ski will go through one or several of the following tuning steps:

  • Cleaning and rust removal
  • Base repair
  • Base structure grinding
  • Edge grinding and sharpening
  • Base waxing
  • Top sheet repair

Our services in detail

At the ORIGINAL+ Service Center we work in close collaboration with Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning on highly specialized industrial machinery. These state-of the-art machines perform at a much higher level than the tuning machines you’d usually encounter in classic repair shops. No matter if we sharpen your ski’s edges, wax your ski, repair your ski base or mount a binding, you can always count on premium custom tuning.

Of course, you have a say in terms of how we will precisely tune your ski. Check out our different tuning procedures and processes below:

Cleaning and rust removal

If needed, we clean your ski’s top sheet and base, and we derust the edges of your ski.

Base repair (ski base tuning)

Scratches, nicks or deep gouges on the base affect the gliding properties of your skis. We will manually scrape out rough nicks and remove wax residues, then fuse high-quality coating material over the entire surface to fill the damaged spot. Finally, we remove excess material and grind the base.

Base structure grinding (ski base tuning)

Structure and grinding of the base determine your ski’s gliding and turning capabilities. A polished, structured base absorbs wax better, reduces friction between ski and snow and makes it easier to turn.

Depending on the temperature and your snow profile of your region we prepare your ski base to meet your requirements.

At the ORIGINAL+ Service Center we apply individual base structures with innovative, super precise laser technology. While this is pretty unique in the skiing industry, it’s standard with us.

The state-of-the-art LS-1 RACE laser structure machine by Reichmann allows us to apply structures in all conceivable variants. By making sure your base grinding and structure fit you and your ski destination perfectly we can optimize the performance of your ski.

Edge grinding and sharpening (ski edge tuning)

Dull, rounded edges can ruin the skiing fun, and they are a serious safety concern. They make your skis continually slip out from under you while making turns, especially on hard-packed, icy snow. Only a sharp edge provides optimum grip in all conditions and facilitates turning.

At the ORIGINAL+ Service Center we operate with the world’s most precise edge grinding machine, the DTS-U II Race by Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning. It processes both side and base edges simultaneously with proven HQT technology. In doing so, the lower edges are sharpened with a stationary stone instead of a rotating disc. The result: perfectly polished, burr-free edges with mirror finish that guarantee great turning properties, maximum safety, and pure skiing pleasure.

On demand, we can additionally grind your edges manually for a razor-sharp, ultra precise outcome. Including side and base edge grinding plus an extra smooth, polished diamond finish.

Of course, we can individually adjust your edge bevels (in steps of 0,25°), too. Which edge angle suits you and your skiing style best depends on your skills, your preferences, and your ski model. The general rule: the more acute the edge bevel, the more aggressively the ski reacts and the sharper the edge. The less beveled the edge, the less aggressive the ski’s reaction.

Base waxing (finish)

Ski wax impregnates the ski base, protects it against damage, and improves the glide and turning properties of your ski. We make use of various waxing technologies at the ORIGINAL+ Service Center.

Our standard includes Optiwax Infrared waxing with high-grad ECO Glide Tape. This innovative tape wax without fluorine is particularly environmental-friendly and biodegradable. It is suitable for all conditions and universally applicable. The no-touch waxing application powered by innovative Infrared technology allows the wax to penetrate deeper into the base so it will last up to seven times longer (compared to standard waxes). The result: perfect gliding properties over long distances.

If you want to improve your glide even more, consider an extra wax finish with hydrOX Race Blocks. In addition to the basic wax we apply a special Optiwax hydrOX additive to the ski base that's apt for a certain temperature range (WET: +5° to -5° Celsius; MEDIUM: 0° to -10° Celsius; COLD: -8° to -20° Celsius). HydrOX ist 100 % fluorine-free, especially dirt-repellent and delivers outstanding glide.

Apart from these innovative as well as diverse classic hot waxes by Swix we also offer an environment-friendly, long-lasting waxing technology that works without heating or brushing: GigaGlide.

„Ski wax wears relatively fast, especially on dry snow. In order to fully enjoy your on-snow experience and to extend your skis’ lifespan, wax your skis regularly, at least every 7 days of use.”

Siegfried Rumpfhuber

Laser branding ski base

As a special treat you can further personalize your ORIGINAL+ skis by having your name, initials or logo laser-engraved on the ski base (at the tip). This is true signature style.

Our tuning rates – fair and transparent

The costs of ski tuning depend on your gear’s condition and your special requests. Before we get going we will discuss what your skis specifically require in terms of tuning. That way you can be sure to pay only what’s needed and agreed upon. And you know up front what you’ll pay in the end.

We generally offer basic packages with set tuning rates. Additionally, you can further optimize or personalize your tuning package with optional upgrades and add-ons.

We aim at offering the best, not the cheapest tuning service. Our extremely high standards at ORIGINAL+ go far beyond what our competitors offer. We see ourselves as pioneers in highly professional workshop ski tuning, operating with innovative, future-oriented technologies. You will notice the difference on snow.

Ski service rates:

Preparation (if needed):

Ski cleaning and rust removal: € 8,-

Ski tuning sets (basic packages):

Waxing skis (Optiwax Eco Glide Tape) € 18,-
Waxing skis + sharpening ski edges (DTSU edge grinding + Optiwax Eco Glide Tape) € 28,-
Small ski service (stone ground base structure + DTSU edge grinding + Optiwax Eco Glide Tape + laser base structure) € 44,-
Large ski service (ski base repair + stone ground base structure + DTSU edge grinding + Optiwax Eco Glide Tape + laser base structure) € 58,-

Tuning Upgrades:

Individual edge angles + € 12,-
Manual precision tuning (custom edge angles + sidewall touch-up + diamond finish) + € 22,-
Manual precision tuning new ski (custom edge angles + sidewall shaping + diamond finish) + € 36,-

Tuning Add-Ons:

Ski base repair (metal bond, core shots, and deep nicks) + € 10,-
Infrared wax finish with hydrOX Race Blocks + € 10,-
Laser branding ski base + € 40,-
Other repairs on demand calculation on a time and material basis
We give a 20 % discount on kids’ skis (up to 130 cm).  

Ski service extras rates

Mounting ski binding (alpine) + € 50,-
Mounting ski binding (touring) + € 60,-
• Setting up and inspection of binding (according to IAS Norm) + € 20,-

We can mount and set up any binding available on the market.

If you buy a set of ORIGINAL+ skis plus bindings, we mount and adjust your bindings for free (most dealers will charge you for that!).


The following payment options are available: cash, debit card or credit card (Visa und Master Card).

Our partners: Reichmann, Optiwax,and GigaGlide

We are proud to offer the best ski tuning in Salzburg, Austria, together with our partners Reichmann, Optiwax, and GigaGlide. After all, it is not only our technicians’ extensive know-how experience, but also our machinery and material that make the difference.

We only work with state-of-the-art machinery by Reichmann, commonly found in factory race rooms around the world and made in Germany. And we use the most advanced and highest-quality waxing technologies available such as Optiwax Infrared Waxing, and GigaGlide. Find out more about GigaGlide, a water-based, 100 % biodegradable ski waxing alternative that works for all temperatures and snow conditions.

Contact & opening hours

How to reach us:

O+ Service Center:

Handelszentrum 16 / BT2 / EG
5101 Bergheim Salzburg Austria

+43 677 62323 797


Opening hours O+ Service Center:

MON: Closed
TUES: 2 pm - 5 pm
WED: Closed
THURS: Closed
FRI: 1 pm - 4 pm
SAT/ SUN: Closed

Appointments by arrangement: +43 677 62323 797


O+ ski safe – contactless handover:

You can also drop off or pick up your skis outside our shop hours. We have placed a ski safe (container) in front of our O+ Service Center that is open 24/7, completely contactless, and easy to use.

We make skis personal – from start to finish

We are convinced that in order to tap your full skiing potential, you need a ski that fits your build, style and technique 100 %. That goes for the ski construction just as much as for the tuning of your ski. That’s why we give your skis a custom tuning and completely individual finish. So you can ski better, safer and with more fun. We look forward to seeing you at the ORIGINAL+ Service Center.

Welcome to custom ski tuning.


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