The rubber strap for your skis and pretty much any other piece of equipment: ready to lash, bring in order, secure and much more.


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Strong, durable and flexible, even at very low temperatures. The ORIGINAL+
Rubber Strap not only holds your skis together, but so much more: lash bulky
items to your backpack, or secure things on your bike or your car rack with
this essential piece of gear.



+ VERSATILE: camping (securing), car (lashing), sports (tying together,
bundling), home improvement & gardening

+ ONE HAND HANDLING: super easy quick closure, no snapping back, no scratching

+ SECURE: guaranteed strong hold even under strong vibrations & hits and after
frequent use

+ TEAR-RESISTANT: tear strength of up to 90 kg (test speed 200 mm/min) and
still elastic and flexible

+ INDESTRUCTIBLE: very durable, resistant to heat and cold (-30° C/+60° C),
sea-water resistant, UV resistant