Hard-top case for 2 pairs of skis. Keeps your ORIGINAL+ skis safe and protected for hassle-free travels. Made by US-manufacturer SPORTTUBE for ORIGINAL+.

Price incl. VAT

In the car, on your roof rack, on the train or plane - your ORIGINAL+ skis
travel well protected in the ORIGINAL+ MULTI SKI TUBE. It’s a hard-top case
that comes with a convenient ergonomic handle and two silent wheels that let
you pull your ski case effortlessly. Travelling with skis has never been
easier. The case can be locked with a combination lock, it’s water-proof and
protects your gear from hits and compression. Similar to a roof box you can
mount the Multi Ski Tube onto your car’s roof rack. Thanks to its TSA
certification this case is also allowed on aircrafts. Besides, all common
shipping providers (such as DPD, UPS, or Fedex) will accept it without any
further wrapping: