We are a young company that has great ambitions and cares about more than just profit. The following brand values are central to us. They guide us in everything we do:

We are passionate.

Skiing is an essential part of our lives and our lifestyle. It’s our enthusiasm for skiing that drives us, day by day. This passion is tangible for everyone: in our products, our communication and at our events.

We are perfectionists.

Our mission is to build the best and highest quality skis on the market, without compromise. By perfecting every detail, we create unique custom-made products and unforgettable experiences. Our motivation: to turn every skier into an even better one.

We are creative.

We’re not a mainstream brand. Whether we’re building skis or dealing with our partners and customers, originality and individuality are of utmost importance to us. Our goal is to create something new and unique for the skiing world, with real added value.

We are adventurous.

We consciously take calculated risks – on skis and in the snow as well as in the development of our product range. In addition to our extensive know-how and experience, this also involves a great deal of pioneering spirit, will and courage. We like to challenge the status quo.

We are sustainable.

We are 100% committed to Austria with its high social, environmental, and labor standards. And we want to see our grandchildren ski, too. That’s why in our world building a successful business means building a climate-friendly and sustainable business. Our long-term goal is to manufacture climate-neutral skis.

100% made in Austria.

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