ORIGINAL+ is the world's first manufacturer of FSC® certified skis

Austria is the number one ski nation – also in terms of sustainability

Salzburg, March 31, 2022 – The Austrian ski start-up TYPS GmbH/ORIGINAL+ has successfully passed the FSC certification for products from sustainable forest management. This makes the manufacturer of innovative custom skis from Salzburg the first ski manufacturer in the world bearing the recognized FSC label. With this step, the young company proves that only wood from forests that are managed in an ecologically and socially responsible manner was used for the certified skis. ORIGINAL+ manufactures exclusively in Austria.

The FSC certification

In order to use the well-known FSC label, ORIGINAL+ has earned certification according to the FSC Chain of Custody standards and joined an FSC Chain of Custody group certification for this purpose. With the audit in February 2022, ORIGINAL+ is the first company in the world to launch FSC-certified skis.

The FSC label on products gives consumers orientation to consciously choose products from responsible forest resource management.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an international organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. Forests need to be protected as an ecosystem and the long-term use of wood is to be ensured. To make sure that products bearing the FSC label consistently make a demonstrable contribution to sustainable forestry, there is the so-called FSC product chain certification. From the forest to the last processing step, this ensures that certified and controlled materials are used correctly. Buyers of FSC-certified skis thus actively contribute to improving the situation in the world's forests.

The first certified products

ORIGINAL+’s first ever FSC-certified products will be available from the 22-23 ski season, with all wood-based materials coming from FSC-certified, sustainable forestry. The skis’ hybrid core is produced by Austrian supplier Isosport for ORIGINAL+ and consists entirely of FSC-certified ash and poplar wood as well as recycled PET. "For ORIGINAL+, sustainability is not a buzzword. Earning the FSC certification is another important step in further promoting the use of sustainable raw materials within ski production. Due to the high standards we set for ourselves and our products, sustainability has been a priority for us since the very beginning. We understand sustainability as the interplay of ecological, social and economic factors – precisely those addressed by the FSC standards," says Siegfried Rumpfhuber, founder of the Austrian manufacturer of custom-made skis.

Global first movers

"We are delighted to see an Austrian company taking on an innovative, first mover role, launching the first ever FSC-certified skis worldwide. A sustainability innovation from Austria that will hopefully set a precedent worldwide. It is precisely these courageous and exemplary companies that are needed in a future friendly world. We hope that many other ski manufacturers will follow this example, and we are convinced that the FSC label represents an important buying impulse for conscious consumers," says FSC’s Country Manager for Austria, Julia Köberl.

About FSC

FSC is the most trusted organization for protecting important environmental and social standards in forests. With global standards, the unrivalled involvement of all relevant stakeholders and the support of renowned companies as well as recognized independent environmental and social organizations, FSC is considered the most credible solution for sustainable forest management. Certification is awarded after a successful third-party audit, which is repeated at least annually. More than 220 million hectares of forest worldwide are FSC-certified. More than 45,000 companies worldwide have FSC certification for trading and processing certified materials.

Press contact

FSC: Julia Köberl, julia.koeberl@at.fsc.org, +43 699 111 00 593

ORIGINAL+: Tamara Kornberger, tamara@original.plus, +43 650 44 18 361

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