In our online Super Sale you will find a large selection of top-notch ORIGINAL+ skis at unbeatable prices:

  • Used test skis from our demo fleet
  • Perfect technical condition and partly B-quality in mint condition (e. g. color deviations)
  • Samples and prototypes
  • Plus one or the other specialty


  • You can find all relevant information about the skis in this LIST.
  • In the comments section you will find details about the condition of each ski. For pictures follow the link. Make sure to check them out so that you see the design and color of the ski you’re interested in.  
  • Skis cannot be reserved.
  • To order your ski send an email to BERND@ORIGINAL.PLUS with the corresponding ID number (2021XX) .
  • We will then send you a short, informal email to confirm your purchase within 24 hours. You will receive an order confirmation incl. an invoice within 3 business days. We will tune your skis for you, and you can either pick them up by appointment in the following 2 weeks at our ORIGINAL+ Factory Store or we will send the skis by DPD (in that case you would need to cover the costs).
  • Once a ski is sold, it will be marked as "sold" in the list.

Found something interesting? Our sale works on a "first come first served" basis – so make sure you send us your purchase request including your ski’s ID number right away (BERND@ORIGINAL.PLUS). Alternatively you can also arrange a PHONE CONSULTATION, in which we can help you to choose the right bindings, too.
To help you decide, you can filter in the list which skis suit you and your skiing style best.


Buying a used test ski sounds a bit like “willhaben” or “ebay” to you? We can assure you, it’s not. At ORIGINAL+ you buy safely – all our test skis, ski samples and prototypes are carefully inspected according to the following 6-point check:

  • Complete ski base tuning including repair of all damages
  • Edge tuning with state-of-the-art machinery by Reichmann incl. HQT (High Quality Tuning) precision grinding
  • Hot wax: waxed and polished so you’re ready to go
  • Complete cleaning of the ski
  • Delivery includes 1 ski trap
  • Binding check on calibrated binding testing device on site

And the best thing is: unlike buying used skis from private sellers, you get a 2-year warranty on your skis with us.

2 year warranty for your ORIGINAL+ skis

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