Sneak Peek 2022/23: More of everything

Be one of the first to see what the new O+ collection has to offer in terms of design

The 2021-22 season is in full swing – finally we have plenty of snow in the Alps and many awesome ski days ahead of us. But still, the first signs of spring remind us that this ski season will come to an end at some point, making room for something new. Inspired by beautiful spring flowers like snowdrop, winter aconite, crocus and co. we have finalized our 2022-23 collection. Find out here where the journey is headed this upcoming winter.

Design trend and mood: A lot is possible

No matter what the last few weeks and months have been like – we look to the future with heaps of confidence. Without a doubt, you will notice and recognize this optimism in our new ski collection, whose motto is fully in line with a general design trend: "A lot is possible"

OUR SKI DESIGNER GEORG EISL has made sure that our latest ORIGINAL+ skis will make even more heads turn  than those of the past. How he’s managed to do that? By thoughtfully yet extensively expanding our color and design palette. 2022-23 tells a story of power and clarity and gives a cheerful, sunny outlook.

New additions to the palette include Bright Red and the two darker shades Red and Deep Red – true color classics in ski design that are timeless.

True originals: now you can make your skis even more individual

Our expanded color palette means that you now have loads of more design options than before when configuring your ORIGINAL+ skis. There are virtually no limits to your creativity within the scope of the given ski design.

For instance, you can beautifully play with black, white, or gray tones in combination with our core colors. Here are a few examples and inspirations from the Blue color world:

Or how about going for a stylish monochrome look with a tonal O+ logo that's a shade lighter or darker than the rest of the topsheet? True to the motto “less contrast, more original”:

The outline

If you prefer to keep things simple, you have the option of choosing a tonal O+ logo with just a thin outline in a different color. We call that classic understatement:

The contour lines

In addition to the extended color options, on our touring skis you can also add an attractive contour line graphic. As the lines come out differently on each ski, no two skis will ever look the same. For a purely individual look.

Available now

Never before have our skis been as individual as from the 2022-23 season onwards – inside and out.

And because we don't want to keep you waiting until next winter, we have a great offer for you:

Starting today, you can CONFIGURE AND ORDER YOUR CUSTOM SKIS RIGHT HERE including all new design options. So from now on you’ll be “seriously good skiing” in your very own personal look.




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