Fully customized skis made in Salzburg, Austria

The Salzburg base ski brand ORIGINAL+ offers custom-made skis adapted to the customer's body height, weight, and skiing style.

The man behind the ski brand ORIGINAL+ (pronounced "Original Plus“) is none other than skiing expert Sigi Rumpfhuber, who is well known in Salzburg for his service center KANTE SCHARF (“The Sharp Edge“). Rumpfhuber has been working in various positions both in the skiing industry and in ski racing for many years (Product Manager at Fischer Sports, General Manager at Kästle Ski). Naturally, he’s an excellent skier himself.

Customized skis

According to Rumpfhuber, the global ski market comprises about 1,400 ski models overall. This huge variety of different skis is overwhelming and makes it hard even for an experienced skier to pick the perfect ski. That’s why skiing expert Rumpfhuber developed a software that helps to functionally adapt the skis to the customer’s weight, body height and skiing style. Rumpfhuber calls this process “functional customizing“. He says: “The process and especially our ski constructions widely meet the standards of modern race skis built for World Cup athletes.“ The result: every Original+ customer gets his or her unique and individually constructed pair of skis – all in World Cup quality.

Your dream skis online

You can get your Original+ skis online in the brand’s webshop. Alternatively, you can pick them up directly at the Original+ Factory Store next to the Panzerhalle in Salzburg. Prices range from €580 for a pair of skis only to roughly €700 for a pair of skis including bindings. That’s hardly more than what you’d pay for off-the-rack skis.

ISPO Award 2018

At ISPO 2018, the world’s largest winter sports trade show, the young ski brand celebrated its first notable victory: Sigi Rumpfhuber and his team won the ISPO Gold Award, one of the highest ranking prizes in the sporting goods industry.


This article was first published in "Salzburger Land Magazin" in January 2018. Written by Heiko Mandl. Read the full article here.


ORIGINAL+ SKI is at home in Salzburger Land

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