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The future is digital – in private as well as in business life. We at ORIGINAL+ are committed to bringing skiing into the digital future. That means we want to make optimal use of the opportunities of digitization – for us as a ski manufacturer and for our customers, the skiers of today and tomorrow.

With our digital direct sales business model, ORIGINAL+ is at the cutting edge of the ski industry. Unlike classic ski manufacturers, we sell ex works and directly to our skiing customers – exclusively via our online shop or our Factory Store in Salzburg. And that’s what you get: better personal advice from being in direct contact with our ski production experts, plus high-quality custom skis built just for you vs. off-the-shelf products. We do not incur the margins of wholesalers and retailers otherwise common in the industry. Instead, we pass our price advantage on to you directly. In short: our direct sales without middlemen is that part of the puzzle that enables our exceptional price-performance ratio.

We are keen to strengthen our unique status and to perfectly position ourselves for the future. That is why we are now investing in a young, motivated individual, who will help us advance our digital ski business. From fall 2021 onwards we offer an apprenticeship as an “E-Commerce-Kaufmann/-Kauffrau” (aka E-Commerce Specialist) at ORIGINAL+.


Never heard of E-Commerce-Kaufmann/-Kauffrau? Quite possible, because this vocational training to become an E-Commerce Specialist is brand new – and cutting edge.

As pretty much everywhere, e-commerce is developing very dynamically in Austria and growing much faster than traditional sales channels (like brick-and-mortar retail). Simply put, e-commerce is the growth engine and the future of retail.

Of course, this also means that the increasingly digitized economy needs new skilled workers specialized in online trading. That is exactly why the new apprenticeship “E-Commerce-Kaufmann/-Kauffrau” has been created and launched. It offers interested young individuals attractive, state-of-the-art, and future-proof career prospects – at ORIGINAL+ in Salzburg, for instance.


Why we want to train an E-Commerce-Kaufmann/Kauffrau at ORIGINAL+ is obvious. Selling online is an essential part of our business model as ORIGINAL+ fully relies on direct sales: Our skis can only be ordered and bought via our website or in our Salzburg Factory Store. Why? Because we want to be very close to our customers. This is the only way we can live up to our claim of making each and every one of them a better skier – with individually adapted products and services.

“We believe in the future of winter sports, but we are convinced that individuality and personal customer care will shape the business models of tomorrow. By offering our skis in direct sales, we are delivering an unbeatable package. At the end of the day it's not just about sales, but also about “direct consultation” and “direct support”. And because our price does not co-finance a number of middlemen, an ORIGINAL+ ski is a product that is unsurpassed in value."

Siegfried Rumpfhuber, CEO and founder of ORIGINAL+

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The 3-year apprenticeship to become an “E-Commerce-Kaufmann/-Kauffrau” is designed as a “dual training”. In addition to the on-the-job training within the apprenticing company – i.e. at ORIGINAL+ in Salzburg – you will attend a vocational school in order to learn the theoretical background you need to successfully pursue your profession.

At our office and ski production site you will get the practical tools for your job. As an E-Commerce Specialist, you look after our online shop from A to Z. That means you always keep the online shop websites up to date. You continuously update products and prices, work out special offers and other sales promotions and post them online. You take our customers' online orders, forward them to the sales and logistics department and ensure that the goods are delivered in full and on time.

In addition, you’re in charge of our online customer service, answering customer inquiries (e.g. via live chat or phone) and processing complaints. You also take part in analyzing and evaluating customers’ search and purchase behaviors and in rolling out advertising and marketing campaigns. You manage our customer data independently.

As an E-Commerce Specialist you work at the interface between purchasing, production, IT, and marketing and are therefore in close contact with the respective departments. You know our products inside out. In our small fine team of currently 8 employees we are team players and "multi-specialists" – lines of communication are short and cooperation means a great deal to us. That way we can learn and benefit a lot from each other.


By the way, even beyond our e-shop we consider ourselves digital pioneers in skiing. Here’s why: At the heart of our ski development and production is our digital ski configurator ORIGO. This online tool brings together ski geometric and personal data, and, with the help of artificial intelligence, designs individual skis.

For a bit more than a year now, Runtastic founder Florian Gschwandtner has been part of the team – he’s the ideal partner for further developing our e-commerce and software solutions. ORIGINAL+ Managing Director Siegfried Rumpfhuber is convinced: "For all topics of digitization, such as how technology can be made more accessible for the consumer or how we can digitize our production process even further, Florian's know-how is priceless." A great opportunity for you to learn from a true digital pioneer!

"ORIGINAL+ was the first ski manufacturer to understand that even in a traditional industry such as the ski industry the future lies in digitization."

Florian Gschwandtner, Runtastic founder and Investor at ORIGINAL+


The role of the E-Commerce Specialist at ORIGINAL+ is very diverse and requires, among other things, open-mindedness, networked thinking, good technical and commercial skills, and creativity.

And since we are a ski manufacturer, you should be interested in skiing, too.

The hard facts as to what else is required to become an apprentice with us:

  • Compulsory education or A-levels (Matura)
  • Good grades, especially in German, mathematics and English
  • Basic technical understanding (computer literacy)
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel etc.)
  • Basic know-how of image processing programs a plus
  • Interest in e-commerce and social media, affinity for online trends
  • Interest in commercial affairs

If that sounds exciting to you, we look forward to your application or any tip regarding potential candidates (forwarding is welcome). We offer a highly innovative environment with our ski production in the center of the city of Salzburg.

Thanks a lot and see you soon!

Siegfried Rumpfhuber on behalf of the ORIGINAL+ team

Questions, answers, suggestions? Write to me directly at I promise every email will be answered.

Find more information (in German) on the apprenticeship at:

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