Behind the scenes: ORIGINAL+ ski design

Introducing Georg Eisl, ski designer

On the mountain, skiers always keep an eye on the next descent – and, of course, on their skis that are with them all day. Especially when sitting on the chair lift, skis are critically eyed, admired, compared. Even though there's a lot of talk about shapes, length, and performance – what we're most concerned with is the skis’ design, because that's what we're constantly looking at.

Good ski design is fine art

Let's be honest: Who has ever bought a pair of skis that felt awesome, but looked like nothing? Exactly. Nobody. "The first bite is with the eye”, they say, and that is true for skiing, too. So it’s important that your skis not only perform great but also look awesome.

Really good ski design is an expert thing, because the shape of skis (narrow and long) poses a challenge for pretty much every designer. Ski design is a lot about reduction and clear lines. A good sense for trends, colors, and the target group. Passion. And not to forget: For the graphic to make it from the screen to the ski’s topsheet, the design, product management and production departments must work closely together.

That's why at ORIGINAL+ we work with a true ski design genius: Georg Eisl, who we’re happy to introduce to you below.

Interview: Georg Eisl, ski designer at ORIGINAL+

Georg Eisl has been working as a graphic designer for about 100 years (in reality it’s probably more like 20) and he has left his mark on one or the other ski (of various brands) in the market. He is the founder and managing director of K12 DESIGN, a small, fine design and communications agency in Bad Ischl, Austria. Geoerg was on board with ORIGINAL+ right from the start and already had his fingers in the pie for the first award-winning ORIGINAL+ skis (ISPO Gold Award 2018 and ISPO Brandnew Award 2019). In an interview, he told us the following about himself and his work with ORIGINAL+:

O+: How did the collaboration with ORIGINAL+ come about?

Georg: I got to know and appreciate Sigi Rumpfhuber during his time at Fischer and my time at Kiska Design. After he started with Kästle and after I founded K12 Design, Sigi approached me and we continued to collaborate, all the way up to the conception and setup of his own ski brand – communication and product design for ORIGINAL+.

What do you like about ORIGINAL+?

What I have always appreciated about Sigi is his professionalism and determination – and it is precisely these qualities that I like about the ORIGINAL + brand, too.

What is skiing for you personally?

Workout, balance and experiencing nature.

Do you have a skiing hero? Why?

Hermann Maier – because he opened up new dimensions in skiing.

What is special about designing a ski?

The "impossible" shape of the designable surface.

What are your sources of motivation behind your design?

To position the brand in the best possible way and to convey a "feeling".

What inspires you?

Nature, the mountains, and the drive to create something extraordinary.

What has been your most fulfilling (graphic) project so far?

Ski design – what else?! 😉

Your most important insight from 20 years of graphic design?

That you can't force anyone to be happy!

How does it feel for you when someone is sitting on the chair lift next to you with your ski design? Do you address the person? Do your reveal who you are?

"A gentleman enjoys and remains silent." 😉

For what or whom would you like to create a design?

For anyone who appreciates good design.

Georg’s" Word Rap"

  • In the morning: bread and Nutella ... with butter! Nutella rolls without butter.
  • On snow: up or down …  both up and down.
  • At the ski lift: Manner wafers or hip flask ... preferably  both!
  • After waxing: scrape wax off or leave it on ... scrape it off, just how Dad taught me.
  • For the rhythm: your après-ski hit or motivational skiing song ... Last Christmas!!! – haha – no, Wolfgang Ambros’ “Schifoan”, of course! 😉
  • Favorite ski model/design ... ORIGINAL+ First Edition – up to now ...

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