First Edition: Limited touring ski Edition

header first edition ORIGINAL+
ORIGINAL+ first edition (c) Armin Rauthner
header first edition ORIGINAL+
ORIGINAL+ first edition (c) Armin Rauthner
Touring ski_offer mod.8T ORIGINAL+
Touring ski_offer mod.9T ORIGINAL+

The ORIGINAL+ FIRST Edition are the touring skis for all-rounders and freeriders wanting to go further in the backcountry, both uphill and downhill.

You are a human-powered skier ready to conquer the mountain on your own? Our ORIGINAL+ touring skis are all you need to experience a new sense of freedom. The mod.8T, our all-round touring ski, is your best buddy when touring your backyard, skinning up on-piste or going for a high mountaineering excursion. If you are mostly chasing untracked powder in challenging terrain, our freeride touring ski mod.9T is your partner in crime. Either way, we fully customize your touring skis so you can get the best out of your days in the mountains. Welcome to custom skitouring!

Are you ready for your custom touring skis?

from € 680,-

The ORIGINAL+ First Edition. Your touring buddy for the first tracks on snow.
First Edition. The ORIGINAL+ Touring Skis Launch Edition. Under the slogan "first tracks. first lines." you will experience freedom on the mountain with your ORIGINAL+ touring skis.
+ ORIGINAL+ mod.8T or mod.9T special graphic "first edition"
+ first tracks. first lines.
+ limited number of 50 pairs

O+ black on carbon with contour lines, individually arranged on each pair.

crash replacement after an accident of your ORIGINAL+ ski
Crash replacement
2 year warranty for your ORIGINAL+ skis
2 years warranty
ORIGINAL+ custom tuning by Reichmann
O+ Custom tuning
all ORIGINAL+ skis will be tested by our factory drivers
Team rider approved

Geometry mod.8T

LENGTH (cm) 163 cm 171 cm
RADIUS (m) 19,1 m 21,4 m
SIDECUT (mm) Tip 119
Waist 87
Tail 107
Tip 119
Waist 87
Tail 107
CAMBER (mm) 2 2

Geometry mod.9T

LENGTH (cm) 167 cm 175 cm 183 cm
RADIUS (m) 15,3 m 17,2 m 19,1 m
SIDECUT (mm) Tip 136
Waist 99
Tail 120
Tip 136
Waist 99
Tail 120
Tip 136
Waist 99
Tail 120
CAMBER (mm) 4 4 4


Individually customized features


of your ski, i.e. how well the ski bends under pressure, is determined by the wood core’s shape and type of wood as well as by different laminates made of titanal, glass fiber, carbon or flax.


of your ski depends on the particular ski construction and the ski‘s intended use. Due to our manufacturing process all our skis are slightly lighter than comparable models on the market.


of your ski is determined by various titanal laminate strengths and different strengths and structures of the glass fiber, carbon or flax laminates.


We will recommend a binding that perfectly suits your needs. Once your ski is built we will mount that binding at your ideal mounting point.


of your ski are determined by different types of wood, various titanal laminate strengths, and vibration absorbing rubber.


of your ski will be adapted to the specific snow and piste conditions in your preferred skiing region.

A next generation ski

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One of the most interesting concepts we've seen in ski manufacturing since Rocker

A service usually restricted to World Cup racers.

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