Ski building at O+

Ski building at ORIGINAL+

Get an introduction to the ski production at ORIGINAL+.

Find out how a pair of custom skis is built.

Taking a glimpse behind the scenes of ski manufacturing is a unique experience. We invite you to take a guided tour through the ORIGINAL + production facility where you will be able to touch and feel our materials and follow a pair of skis going through all production steps: from the initial configuration with ORIGO, followed by top-sheet printing and mold assembly all the way to heat pressing. That day you will learn how much manual work goes into one pair of skis and how we configure and build your personal skis – inside know-how guaranteed.

Register now and let us guide you through our ORIGINAL+ ski production facility.

We make skis personal.


Duration: approx. 3 hours
Participation via appointment and registration:
Number of participants: minimum 3, maximum 10 people
Price: €59,-/person

ORIGINAL+ ski press

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