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Your personal ski is ready to be built

Hi there! I am ORIGO, your intelligent ski configurator and your personal ski finder. I will help you design your custom ski in 10 easy steps.

All I need is 10 minutes of your time, and you will get a perfectly fitting ski, starting from as low as 600 Euros – complete with our "Perfect Fit Guarantee".
Where do you mostly ski?

Or in other words: what terrain should your ski perform in?

Why do we ask this question? Knowing your skiing focus allows us to determine the right type of ski for you; by selecting a basic model out of our ORIGINAL+ range we define the waist width, surface area and camber of your ski.
Find out more about different types of skis here
How would you describe your skiing skills?

Position yourself on the scale by making a spontaneous and honest self-assessment – please no false pride or humility here or in the next chapters.

Why do we ask this question? Your self-assessment on your skiing skills helps us define the right ski length and stiffness for you. All values will be further fine-tuned throughout the configuration process.
How fast do you ski?

Again, please make a spontaneous and honest self-assessment.

Why do we ask this question? Your average speed is relevant for your ski’s dampening properties and longitudinal flex. It’s also a decisive factor in choosing your wood core.
What would a ski instructor say about you?

In other words: how good is your skiing technique?

Why do we ask this question? By telling us about your technique you enable us to define the torsional stiffness and the right tuning of your ski. The more exact and precise we design your ski, the better your skiing technique has to be. Conversely, this means that a less specific ski is more forgiving.
What is your preferred turn radius?

Do you love to "wedel" or are you more of a downhiller type of person?

Why do we ask this question? In order to define the ideal geometric radius of your ski we need to know your preferred turn radius. The latter is also important for determining the right length and longitudinal flex of your ski. In general, the ski’s radius is a much more complex matter than most people think.
What ary your favorite destinations for skiing?

Select up to three regions you will head to with your new ski.

Why do we ask this question? How we tune your ski depends on where you will take it most of the time. That’s because snow and weather conditions vary largely from region to region and are often very location-specific: from dry and aggressive snow to wet and round grained snow. We will make sure that your ski’s edge bevel and base structure always match your particular "surface".
How many days do you ski per season?

Do you spend all your spare time in the snow or do you just occasionally go skiing?

Why do we ask this question? Knowing your average number of ski days per season helps us get a feel for your general and skiing specific level of fitness. Based on that we fine-tune all parameters of your ski once again.
The ultimate tune

From here onwards you can make your own choices, e.g. regarding ski tuning or tip caps.

Original+ Tuning

Tip caps

Our recommendation:

Stainless steel tip caps protect your skis from scratches and damages from the edges, making your skis more durable around the tip.

Make your ski come alive with color

Our standard color way is black-white. At a surcharge you can further personalize your ski by giving the top sheet and logo a custom color and/or by having your name engraved.

Information about delivery times Our delivery time is 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your specific order. We can give you an exact delivery date once you’ve completed your configuration.

The color way "black-white" without any further personalization is our bestseller. We pre-produce top sheets for this color way exclusively, resulting in a shorter delivery time of 2 weeks.

The ski graphics go through several rounds of paintwork, taking up the most time in our production process. That’s also why an individual graphic involves higher costs and results in a longer delivery time of 8 weeks. Your asset: a truly unique looking ski!
Color selection
+ € 60,–
+ € 0,–

Color ski

Color O+

+ € 60,–
+ € 0,–
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Getting personal

In order to finalize the configuration of your ski, we still need a few personal details from you.


What do you need my personal data for? Your biometrical data such as height, weight, and age are relevant for selecting the right ski length and stiffness.
Where can I find the details about my ski boot? Ski boot sole length and sole type