The idea for ORIGINAL + comes from a question every skier knows well. With over 1,400 different ski models by dozens of different brands to choose from, which ski is right for me? The choices are overwhelming. It’s too much for the average consumer. Our solution solves this problem. A concise range of models, with each offering complete customization to skiing style and biometrics of the individual skier. Our process begins with a strict adherence to race-level production practices: uncompromised quality, premium materials, sophisticated production technology, custom flexes, and a user-specific raceroom tune. World Cup ski racers have enjoyed this custom ski building process for years, while ambitious recreational athletes are stuck with “stock” models off the shop wall. ORIGINAL + is here to change that. By revolutionizing the ski production process and setting new technological standards, we can offer that World Cup experience to every skier. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself…

   "We combine artificial intelligence with craftsmanship to produce skis of the highest quality."

We use only the highest quality ski edges made of hardened steel.

Every ORIGINAL+ ski uses a premium wood core.

All wood cores are sheathed with a carbon fiberglass torsion box.

Phenol Isodur SKP is used as the sidewall material of our skis. In this material, high strength papers are impregnated with phenolic resins and pressed into sheets of strong, durable, and responsive material. This material is characterized by its excellent mechanical properties.

Titanal is an powerful aluminum alloy that plays an important role in our laminate layup. It gives the ski incredible smoothness and torsional stiffness. Not surprisingly this is one of the key components used in race-quality skis.

The topsheet of our ORIGINAL + skis are made of a polyamide corundum structure. They are printed by sublimation method.

CNC milling machines are used to precisely cut different materials.

All our models are manufactured without exception in sandwich construction. The materials are inserted in layers in a ski form, which allows an accurate and individual adaptation for the each customer.

Through precise heat distribution and the right pressure, the different materials are pressed into a single ski.

The parameters for ski base tuning are individually adapted to the requirements of each ski.

Our machines work with low pressure and many repetitions in order to treat the ski bases as gently as possible.

The side and base edges are individually tuned to the customer’s needs.

As an additional upgrade, our skis can be waxed using infrared techniques. This allows deeper soaking of the wax into the ski base, which promises even better and longer lasting performance.

As the last step of our production, our skis are scraped and buffed with a rotary brush and then polished and cleaned.

Then we ensure that the ski base is perfectly flat using a hair ruler. This is one of the most important steps in quality control. Your individually tuned edges must work in concert with a perfectly flat base for the absolute best ski experience.