BACKGROUND: Customizing in the ski industry

On the World Cup, manufacturers build racers custom skis, but even at that level it’s largely done through empirical work. The athletes are on snow 120-150 days a year and are supported by an armada of ski techs and coaches to monitor each racer and provide input for a custom ski build. However, this process is not scalable and can not be repeated for "normal consumers".
If you take look at what defines the interaction between the skier and his skis, you are quickly confronted with an incredible amount of data: motion factors, biometric factors, environmental factors, ski geometric data, mechanical ski data, material properties in skis, even the ski tune (ever tried to ski with the wrong base grind?). The patterns involved are simply too complex and sensitive to be noticeable by humans. With this in mind back in 2016, we set out to develop an algorithm or a logical network based on artificial intelligence to collect and compute this data. More simply: a computer program that helps us to identify the correlation between the biometric data of every skier and his skis to help us develop ski configurations unique to each individual consumer or in other words a truly customized pair of skis.  



As a skier, you share your essential biometric data ​​(such as weight, height, age) and answer some questions about your ski style, terrain preferences, and favorite ski areas. The algorithm then calculates a ski configuration that is the perfect for you,  or more precisely, which combination of ski width and length within our model range, as well as ski stiffness, binding setup and an ideal ski tune. Our goal is that we can deliver a high-performance ski built specifically for you within 2-4 weeks.